The Next Phase

Development Updates, 2nd phase of compensation plan & more!

DEFI is based on continuous evaluation to meet the demands of today’s crypto market. Here at Retro, we are convinced in importance of this and considering the latest events in crypto, it lead us to make adjustments for the better in our rebranding plan, in which we aim to give a touch of renewal to the Retro ecosystem.

Based on the above and after analyzing the current dynamics of the ecosystem and current market conditions, we will conduct the following steps which will be implemented in a timely manner since a lot of development is taking place on that side at the moment; we only need to tweak a few things and wait for the contracts to be audited.

We will be launching a new yield aggregator that is aimed to optimize yield and compound the LPs of depositors without any deposit fees. All buybacks fees generated by the vaults will be linked to RcubeV2, generating buying pressure on the token without the need of constant manual buybacks by the team. Vaults will use a small % of generated rewards to buyback and burn RCUBE on every compound, this applies to all vaults. This new version called “SYNTH OPTIMIZER” will also allow us to incorporate a ref system, making possible for you to earn a percentage of the rewards generated by users referrals.

SYNTH OPTIMIZER besides being a great addition to our ecosystem and something that we can launch on every chain, will also provide a lower risk feature for the community by being able to use the vaults without the need to buy another token.

2nd phase of the Compensation Plan…

SYNTH OPTIMIZER will allow us to start the 2nd phase of the compensation plan for the holders affected by the cyber-attack to RQBERT earlier than we expected.

A compensation staking pool will be launched and only holders of RQBERT will be able to make deposits (this includes LP holders). Holders will get a new token, this token holds no value its only purpose is to serve as a ticket to enter the pool, the amount you will receive in this token will be based on your amount of RQBERT at time of the snapshot and will determine the share you will get in the pool.

Why do it this way? Well, we seen what happens in airdrops where you receive X amount of tokens calculated at a certain rate, often price of the token drops resulting on the user not getting compensated the same amount at the end of the day. This is why the refills and rewards related to the pool described above will be rotating over time. Any user eligible to make a deposit in this stake pool will have the possibility of receiving rewards in different tokens for specific periods of time in a rotating basis.

After countless hours analyzing we concluded that under the current market condition is not appropriate to launch the node system at this time, this will involve launching another token and given the high volatility in the price of cryptocurrencies, could cause greater risks on the investments made by everyone involved and the success of this new feature as a whole, this is why in the meantime we will be launching the optimizer, staking pools and compensation pool for RQBERT holders.

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