RetroDEFI X FarmerDOGE

One of the most important fundamentals on which RetroDEFI has focused is expansion and utility not only for our community but for our partners too. Our purpose is to achieve a higher level of visibility and exposure for both parties in the Decentralized Finance world, which allow us to increase the adoption and utility of our native token RQBERT.

This time we are pleased to officially announce our new Partnership with Farmer Doge, which is a DeFi project that has a native token called $CROP, which works as a “farming” token just by holding…Yes, it has the power to buy any token available in Binance Smart Chain and auto-distribute it among its holders, creating automatic rewards for everyone. Additionally, Farmer Doge has an effective and transparent development team, working together with an active community, factors that make it a great project to establish this new collaboration that will start with mutual staking pools and more planned down the line.

The new staking pools will launch on and will provide 2 new staking options for both communities;

1. Staking Pool on Stake RQBERT — Earn CROP

2. Staking Pool on Stake CROP — Earn RQBERT

The rewards generated from this new staking pools at Retrofarms are scheduled to begin on Friday, February 11.

It is important to highlight the features of the CROP Token:

  • 10 000 000 000 Total Supply
  • 15 % Tax on all buys and sells
  • 10 % Rewards
  • 3 % Marketing and operations
  • 2 % Liquidity

The Recommended Slippage for Crop swap on Pancakeswap is 15%.

In order to guarantee the community a greater access to the information related to Farmer Doge, the official links of the project are shared below:

Finally, we are pleased to tell you that in the coming days we will have very positive and important announcements in order to continue providing benefits to our holders, we invite you to follow us and stay tuned.



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