RetroDEFI Workers Compound

Earn rewards while activating the compound function in our Vaults & Pools!

We are happy to announce that Retro Defi team has decided to make available to the community the possibility of performing the compound function in each one of the pools with this feature, obtaining rewards for doing so and allowing investors who have deposited their assets in these pools to receive the benefits derived from compound interest. It is important to highlight that after several weeks of conversations this important decision has been taken, developing a friendly and intuitive interface integrated to, opening the way to a new alternative for the generation of rewards.

In this sense, all those investors who wish to be part of the Workers section, will be able to access from the main menu of, specifically by selecting the Earn option and then choosing the Workers section. The 5 pools with autocompound that can be activated to receive rewards are:

 Rcube

 Cake

 Banana/BNB LP

 Cake/BNB LP

 Cake/BUSD LP

When a user claim the pending reward of a specific pool, it will trigger the autocompound function, helping all stakers in that pool and getting rewarded for doing so.

Workers Compound represents a new form of empowerment and participation of the community in the context of the operation of the project. It is necessary to state that it will be you who will decide the ideal moment to make the Claim and obtain the benefits for the activation of the Compound feature, that is, you can wait for the moment in which the reward is more attractive to activate the Compound function and receive it. Is suggested to the workers to perform this task with great care and attention, since there will always be the possibility that someone activates the feature before you and the rewards will be reset.

In RetroDefi we continue working permanently for the development of the project, adding features, functions and updates that make it attractive to the community, which is the reason why we invite you to follow our social channels all the novelties that the ecosystem has planned for you.

Optimized Yield Farming | Gaming | NFT Farming

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Retro DEFI

Retro DEFI

Optimized Yield Farming | Gaming | NFT Farming

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