RETRODEFI : Community Update

As part of the work that has been carried out in the development and advance of Retro DEFI, the Development team of the project has had several days of intense work for the consolidation and progress of the ecosystem, the expansion of the RETRO has played a preponderant role within the priorities of the project as a mean to increase the utility and adoption of both tokens, RCUBE & QBERT.

RetroStart has been conceived as the spearhead to strengthen the utility of Rcube, providing true benefits to its holders through the Tiers that have been published. As of today the advance of Retrostart’s Frontend has been almost completed, leaving only some pending backend work, the real impact of our launchpad on Rcube is incalculable together with the value that we plan to create for it thanks to the technology that will be integrated to the launchpad ecosystem in the future. (ETA: 4 weeks with possible first IDO launched before) 🔔 *Please fill the form attached in this message*

On the other hand the definitive UI of the Farms that will be used in Polygon was made public, the visibility that this new network will generate on us will be very important for the continuity and growth of RetroDEFI, even in Binance SmartChain. To date, Partnerships have been consolidated with the potential to significantly benefit RetroDefi’s exposure and the team works continuously so that PolyRetro strengthens the utility of Qbert token through a Bridge that allows the same token to be used in both networks. Based on PolyRetro’s current advances, it is very likely that in 2 weeks we will be able to start the Rewards in Polygon. We cant confirm any partnership names yet but the team has been on countless meetings with top tier projects on the polygon network. (ETA: 2 weeks)

As part of the process of creating engagement with the community, a series of games and arcade competitions are LIVE with prizes in Qbert, Rcube and an NFT for the winner. This type of events are part of the entertainment of the community and contributes to maintaining the good spirit that has characterized all those who are part of it + incentivizing every participant with great prizes just for playing. Current Prize: 1,500+ RCUBEs — 1,500 QBERTs — 1 NFT

Aware that the utility is the only thing capable of generating the adoption of a token, we began the development of our first NFT game in the Binance Smart Chain, which will significantly boost the project and provide greater stability to the Qbert token, allowing it to those who obtain it as a reward in the farms and those who buy it to use it as a currency for the different characters and weapons that will be available in the game, with this new piece of our RetroDefi ecosystem, our community will stay up to date with current trends in the Defi market through your entry to NFT games.

Promotion and not only development are a fundamental part of the growth of a project, we have worked on the design of new tools and strategies for promotion that allow us to reach a greater number of investors and disseminate the benefits of the project. , the achievement of new Partnerships will play a priority role within the new strategy and the contracting of advertising services for websites related to the crypto medium. We are sure that perseverance and hard work are the greatest guarantees of success and in RetroDefi we are increasingly committed to meeting the objectives.


If you are part of the RetroDefi Community please fill this RetroStart simple form. As we get close to our first IDO we want to see our community interest in participating.

RetroStart Form Link:

Optimized Yield Farming | Gaming | NFT Farming

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Retro DEFI

Retro DEFI

Optimized Yield Farming | Gaming | NFT Farming

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