We are excited to announce our new partnership with Cryption Network. CRYPTION is a redefining DEFI experience with features such as Swap, Farms, Investments and Prediction Markets with Cryption’s unique and user friendly DeFi 2.0 products. Cryption’s Network PolyDEX, is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) that gives the opportunity to liquidity providers to earn CNT and other tokens as rewards for locking their LP.

This new partnership will bring a variety of benefits for both communities, including a new pQBERT staking pool with rewards in CNT that will run for 45 days and will be available on RETROFARMS: Polygon.

On PolyDEX you will be able to stake CNT token to earn pQBERT rewards. Also a Multi-reward pool of CNT and pQBERT will be available for users that stake pQBERT/CNT LP. When the regular staking pools finish in 45 days, mutual farms will open on both sides using the pQBERT/CNT LP tokens to earn CNT or pQBERT.

Farms & Pools:

  • Stake pQBERT -> Earn CNT (at RetroFarms)
  • Stake CNT -> Earn pQBERT (at PolyDEX)
  • Stake pQBERT-CNT LP -> Earn CNT + pQBERT (at PolyDEX)
  • Stake pQBERT-CNT LP -> Earn CNT or pQBERT (after 45 days*)

We work hard to keep the news coming, for this reason we invite you to follow all the official channels to be the first to know when the new pools and farms will be live.

Optimized Yield Farming | Gaming | NFT Farming

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Retro DEFI

Retro DEFI

Optimized Yield Farming | Gaming | NFT Farming

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