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Retro DEFI

Introducing Retro DEFI

Welcome to 2021, where cryptocurrency mania is at an all time high and DeFi is the hottest topic. The idea of being able to use your digital assets in numerous ways to ultimately increase your position in this ever so changing space is an exciting concept. A concept that the development team over at Retro DeFi, decided it was up for a evolution.

Retro DeFi is an all in one shop when it comes to DeFi. Running on the Binance Smart Chain network ($BNB) and cranking that 80’s Retro Tech theme at around 1.21 gigawatts , Retro DeFi will be front and center in its very own ecosystem. Incorporating trusted DeFi methods and by also launching various new use cases for our very own token; R-Cube.

This is R-Cube, A Sustainable Deflationary Re-base Protocol

Lets now get to know a little more about Retro DeFi’s official token. R-CUBE will combine the best deflationary and dynamic supply mechanisms to date which ensures constant rewards to all holders.

The R-CUBE runs on cycles which are divided in 2 phases. The deflationary and the rebase. Rebase activates when 2,500,000 R-CUBE Tokens are transacted; bought or sold. Which then in turn, begins a new cycle.

The way it works is that R-CUBE applies a dynamic burn rate to every buy and sell order transacted (2.5%-6.5%). The burn rate increases every 500,000 R-CUBES transacted. When the amount of total burned tokens reaches the target (2,500,000 transacted), R-CUBE will trigger a positive rebase, re-distributing 25% of the burnt tokens from the ending cycle to token holders.

The R-CUBE protocol will go through a total of 192 Cycles which at the end of the 192nd cycle there will only remain 8,800,000 total supply.

How does the R-CUBE Protocol works?

  • Burn Rate starts at 2.5% and for every 500,000 R-CUBES transacted, the Burn Rate increases 1%. When the Burn Rate cap of 6.5% is reached which would mean 2,500,000 tokens were transacted, it will reset to the initial rate of 2.5%.
  • After the end of each cycle a rebase will be called, which basically means re-allocating 25% of the burned tokens during the ending cycle back to all R-CUBE holders wallets.


-TOTAL SUPPLY: 25,000,000

-PRE-SALE: 12,500,000


-MARKETING: 1,250,000

-TEAM: 1,250,000

- ROAD MAP V 0.1 -

Phase 1

It all begins with an idea, this phase is focused in the design and creation of the RETRO Ecosystem!

  • Project Design and Initial Development.
  • Marketing Strategy.
  • Project Sustainability Options.
  • Website and Social Media Creation.
  • Initial Marketing.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is all about EXPANSION!

  • First Token R-CUBE Deployment.
  • Marketing Strategy Implementation.
  • R-CUBE Presale and listing via UNICRYPT
  • Listing Requests to CoinGecko, CMC and other crypto listing websites.
  • Community Events.
  • Partnership with other projects.
  • First NFT COLLECTION and airdrop to top HOLDERS.
  • Creation of RETRO DAO
  • Preparation for Farm Implementation and release.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is all about IMPLEMENTATION!

  • FARM Launch with features such as Auto-compound and Yield Optimizer.
  • First Gambling Game Reveal and Launch.
  • NFT integration within Retro DEFI’s ecosystem and community.
  • DAO Community Voting.

Retro DEFIs Future = Sustainability

So now we have a better understanding for whats to come with Retro DEFI. And considering what we have already covered with our roadmap above, you can see there is a lot planned out for Retro DEFI. The incorporation of Retro Farms, gambling games and a Retro DAO in the future, our goal of a sustainable Platform is closer than ever before. One that grows with its community and through innovation and partnerships, Retro insures a healthy experience.

For the mean time feel free to join our Community and stay up to date with all Retro DEFI news.

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