The Journey and the Goal!

The time bubble and its unstoppable pace allow us to reach 2022, Retro Defi has been in full operation for more than 9 months, generating in the work team the unwavering aspiration to assume this new year with a strong and renewed commitment, oriented towards the advancement and growth of the project, reinforcing more and more the aspects that characterize it as a unique option for those who are part of it and for those who continue to join the ecosystem. In this sense, we will proceed to describe some of these aspects in order to be in a greater context of the dimensions that define Retro Defi as an alternative that generates benefits to the community of investors around it:

1. Security: Retro Defi is one of today’s most secure platforms, which is an extremely important attribute at a time when it has been possible to observe various and repeated attacks on different decentralized finance projects. Based on these considerations, it is worth noting that our contracts were developed in a period where it was possible to debug the Retrofarms structure, considering all existing vulnerabilities in other projects, which allowed, on the one hand, to shield the operation of our stakes pools and farms, on the other hand, to provide the greatest peace of mind to investors and to those who are part of the team that drives the Retro ecosystem. Security is one of the greatest assets that generate value as an investment alternative, it represents the certainty that the invested digital assets are well protected.

2. Ecosystem in constant growth: Since the start of Retro Defi, the Team’s priority has been to offer an ecosystem in constant evolution, focused on expansion and innovation as fundamental principles, in the last 9 months there have been several options that have been made available to the community around the project to increase their investment options, ie:

a) Attractive yield farms in the Binance Smart Chain network, which include single staking pools and yield farming vaults with the compound interest feature whose activation is carried out through the Retro Workers section where rewards are received for executing the compound function.

b) Attractive yield farms in the Polygon network, staking pools and yield farming vaults with automatic compound interest are available for this version.

c) The development of an NFT Game, which will become a fundamental part of the Retro Defi ecosystem, including novel features that so far have not been implemented in existing gaming platforms in other blockchain networks. The NFT game that will be part of the retro ecosystem focuses its main features on gameplay and entertainment to ensure its users an unprecedented experience, in turn, will come to strengthen the native token RQBERT with buybacks and giving RCUBE a major boost! We are confident that the contribution of this new piece to the ecosystem will have incalculable positive effects that will be well received among members of the project community.

3. Continuously Growing Reach: The Retro Defi team has had intense discussions and evaluation sessions regarding the real effectiveness of the different options for dissemination and promotion of decentralized finance projects, concluding that this aspect is extremely important for the growth of the ecosystem, requires constant review because it is no secret that in this context, what works at a given time, may not be efficient later, that is, many influencers and marketing platforms that today have great reach, may not be as effective at another time. According to these approaches, it must be stated that Partnerships with other projects have been the cornerstone of our promotional strategy and will remain so for a reasonable time to continue showing the benefits of our ecosystem to other communities, the year 2022 represents a new opportunity to achieve the qualitative and quantitative strengthening of the community around RetroDefi, having the full conviction that the support of all parties involved will contribute to the achievement of the goals set.

4. A fully trained and open to criticism team: Currently Retro Defi has a multidisciplinary human talent responsible for addressing various aspects concerning the project, currently the community has evidenced the dedication, honesty and commitment of those who are at the forefront of the project. The management of solutions, the technical support provided to the Retro community and the weekly Voice chats through the official Telegram group have been a fundamental tool to have direct contact with investors, providing timely responses based on the requirements that may arise. In Retro Defi we are fully committed to provide a permanent and efficient support to the community, being aware that every process can be improved and it is in our hands to work to apply the necessary corrective measures.

Although we could continue to expand the list of aspects that distinguish the Retro ecosystem from the rest of the Defi Projects, we have mentioned those that are considered essentials. From the development and promotion team of Retro Defi we ratify our work philosophy based on the attention and management of community requirements around the project. In this 2022 we thank all those who have placed their trust in Retro Defi, while we continue working permanently to keep this project as your best option among all existing in the market. We invite you to be attentive to future announcements in the official channels of the project as we will have very important news.



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