Rebranding our Ecosystem:

Introducing SynthWave NODES and $SYNTH token on BNB Chain and Polygon Network.

For us is very important to keep our features up to date, to offer attractive investment tools to the entire community of investors who are part in the ecosystem and to always look at the long term picture. Based on these fundamentals, a thorough market study has been carried out, which has allowed us to agree on the need to rethink the roadmap of the Retro Project.

Going forward, RETROFARMS will cease to exist as will the $RQBERT and $PQBERT tokens, and we will launch our new product, SYNTHWAVE NODES.

SYNTHWAVE NODES is a one of kind node system that will work with a new token called $SYNTH which will replace $RQBERT in the BNB Chain and $PQBERT in the Polygon network. This new token will have a fixed supply, making possible to eliminate the inflationary nature that is present in our current reward tokens. This new mechanism aims to provide a long-term sustainable environment that incentivizes long-term investments. Stable APR’s that are not dependable on “pool” TVL and the possibility of stabilizing the price of the $SYNTH token.

SYNTHWAVE NODES will have a starting daily fixed reward of 1%, those reward can be boosted thru a series of compound mechanism or other bonuses. This can be activated by compounding your rewards, activating boosts or not claiming for a certain period of time; keep in mind that claiming rewards will set your daily reward back to the normal rate. Also we will be incentivizing the community with an attractive “3” LEVEL referral system that will reward every investor for each invitation to a person who becomes part of the nodes ecosystem. But this is not all, there's more to come…

The goal is to achieve self-sustainability through the use cases that $SYNTH will have in the Retro Ecosystem, which will allow it to become an innovative way to obtain long-term passive income in a stable way and with defined utility. Through this change of course, Retro Defi renews itself to keep rewarding those who have placed their trust in the project.

More news will be posted in the coming weeks regarding the migration process on both chains, official documentation on the SYNTHWAVE NODES ecosystem and $SYNTH tokenomics, features and more.

We invite you to stay tuned to our social channels so that you are up to date with all the changes and improvements that are to come, we are working hard behind the scenes to bring you something special.



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