We celebrate our first anniversary by implementing a series of improvements and updates that will strengthen the reward system and the use case of our native tokens.

We focused our work following the new trends and innovations present in the DE-FI market and at the same time fully considering that RCUBE is the center of the Retro Ecosystem. As you all know by now, we will be migrating to RCUBEv2 with new features like auto-rebase without depending on transaction volume and increased APY for holders. We wanted to make this process easy and effortless for our holders, making it simple not only for us but for everyone in the community.

Below is the timeline of events for the migration process:

1. Friday April 29, 2022:

a) Removal of RCUBEV1 liquidity.

b) Release of the RCUBEv2 contract

c) Dashboard web page will be live, where holders will be able to monitor the yield and track your rewards.

2. Monday May 2nd, 2022:

a) RCUBEV2 will be listed on PancakeSwap between 7:00 pm AST and 8:00 pm AST (check your local time).

b) Main Website https://www.retrodefi.net will be live with updated information and new ecosystem features.

c) Automatic Airdrop to all RCUBE holders with more than 500 Tokens in their Wallet to become holders of the new RCUBEV2 version.

d) The Rewards system will be set at 10,000% APY at listing providing greater benefits to those who decide to acquire the token from the beginning of this new version and then will be adjusted gradually to ensure the long term sustainability.

On another note, we are excited to share all the possibilities of the new RCUBEV2 token designed to generate high yield and exclusive benefits to its holders, taking into account its real utility within the Retro DEFI ecosystem:

a) RCUBEV2 holders will have a referral reward boost, higher than the standard established within the SYNTHWAVE Nodes.(Depending on holdings amount).

b) Holders of 10,000+ RCUBEv2 will have access to exclusive pre-sales of the METABYTES Champions Multi-Platform NFT Game and other projects.

c) NFT Marketplace buybacks with a share of the total trading revenue.

We invite you to follow closely the whole process. Our support team is deployed 24 hours a day to provide you with all the information you need. Do not forget to subscribe to our official social channels to stay informed of all the news we bring to you.



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