R-QBERT: Evolution is Coming!

Retro DEFI
3 min readNov 17, 2021


Just 2 weeks ago we revealed during a Retro Weekly Update with our community, the plan by RetroDEFI to make an update to our native token QBERT and open the doors to R-QBERT, which will be an important step in the evolution of our ecosystem built on Binance Smart Chain,

But why is this upgrade necessary?

This update will provide to Retro ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain a greater stability and we will be able to give our native token a utility beyond the traditional yield farming tokens or ANY token around, working along our amazing partners to help our communities in the process of building a solid crypto portfolio.

RQBERT is a strong tool for our partners, our token will buyback our partners token in a rotation schedule helping them build their liquidity and also giving their community the opportunity to diversify their portfolio with Binance Smart Chain best projects. With R-QBERT, we open the doors to democratization of the ecosystem, which implies greater empowerment and involvement of the community in decision-making within the project.

This will also be an incredible BOOST to RCUBE; RQBERT not only will accelerate the process of burning down RCUBE supply to 8.8 million, but also will increase the price thanks to RQBERT never ending buy backs.

R-QBERT is the first farming token that is able to give automatic dividends in two different tokens to holders, this will work through the implementation of 12% fee on all transactions, distributed as follows:

- 4% will be used for automatic RCUBE buy backs and distribution

- 3% will be used to automatically buy and distribute the secondary reward token. This secondary token will be determined by our partnerships and chosen democratically by the community

- 2% for R-QBERT auto-liquidity

- 2% used for Marketing

- 1% R-QBERT Auto Burn

How will this update be carried out?

More than an update we can refer to this process as an evolution or re-launch on BSC, the abandonment of the traditional yield farming format and a giant leap into the future in which the community will be the major beneficiary.

In order to make this happen it will be necessary to remove the current QBERT token, we will do this by collecting all those QBERT in circulation and giving their holders the new R-QBERT token in a 1:1 ratio. By doing this we can guarantee that all current QBERT holders will be able to enjoy the benefits of R-QBERT without further complication.

From the RetroDefi development team we are excited to invite you to witness and participate in this new chapter, as usual we are ready to walk this new path hand in hand with you, we invite you to our next Retro Live Weekly Update , the team will be revealing the final details regarding the beginning of the swap process, RQBERT launch, our first partner token in line and more!!!