PQBERT: A new era of Yield Farming

Rarely does something new and different emerge within the DeFi market with the potential to set a trend, in this perspective RetroDEFI arrives to Polygon Network giving birth to pQBERT as our native token, with the objective of creating unique benefits to its holders, being the first yield farming token to generate rewards in another crypto asset.

Our pQBERT native token has a Fee of 12% distributed as follows:

7% for MATIC Dividends

2% for Auto-Liquidity

3% for Marketing and Promotion (1% RCUBE BUYBACK & BURN)

How pQBERT works?

Total Supply: 8,000,000 / 70% or around 5.8 million only available through our optimized yield farms.

In the current fee allocation, there is a 3% “Marketing Fee”, 2% “Liquidity Fee”, and 7% “Native Rewards Fee” on all transfers (given that the transferring address is not excluded from fees). The fees charged on transactions are stored in the contract and, once a threshold value of 1,000–10,000 $QBERT is met, the proportion of tokens allocated for the Marketing Fee are swapped for $MATIC are sent to the “marketing” and “Dev” wallets in a 50–50 split; while Liquidity Fee tokens are used to automatically provide liquidity, and the proportion tokens collected from the Native Reward Fee are applied toward funding the $MATIC dividend rewards for those who are eligible. This Tax Fee will be applied to every buy, sale, creation of LP Tokens and transfers between wallets. No fee is charged when using the pQBERT single staking pool. Because of the tax fees and the fact that the LP contract can not be excluded from the fees, LP farms that includes pQBERT will have boosted reward allocations.

The RetroDEFI team, bearing in mind the important role of investors, has implemented in pQBERT a reward system in Polygon (MATIC) whose purpose is to reward the loyalty of those who believe and support the project, pQBERT arrives to our ecosystem as a stable asset worthy of holding for its innovative concept, design and wide projection into the future, its innovative features make pQBERT a token with greater stability, favoring balance and price appreciation.

pQBERT has been conceived as the cornerstone of RetroFarms on Polygon Network, a work that incorporates a set of innovations designed to generate higher returns for its users, including pools with auto-compounding interest and a system of automatic and manual buybacks designed to provide greater stability to the ecosystem.

This Saturday, September 18th will be the date of pQBERT fair launch, a unique opportunity to participate in a new era of Yield Farming Tokens; We invite all the community to be ready for upcoming announcements concerning RetroDEFI.

Optimized Yield Farming | Gaming | NFT Farming

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Retro DEFI

Retro DEFI

Optimized Yield Farming | Gaming | NFT Farming

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