Introducing QBERT V2 “pQBERT”: A Deflationary & Multi-Reward Token

For the development team, innovation and being at the forefront of market trends has represented a priority since beginning of the project, for this reason, our Yield Farming combines many of the great features of the market which give us the ability to scale the project with little to no limitations.

With this work philosophy in mind, pQBERT is born. Our farming token will arrive to the Polygon network improved to continue doing what it has done best so far, generating profits. On its arrival to Polygon, pQBERT will be the first farming token to generate rewards in MATIC based on pQBERTs holdings and they will be distributed automatically to those who hold more than 500 pQBERT in their wallet. The new QBERT version is designed to reward its holders, for this reason those who hold more pQBERT will also get more rewards in MATIC.

Its exceptional features combined with the automatic buyback of RetroFarms , makes pQBERT a Hyper-Deflationary token. pQBERT for now, will have a 10–15%* fee through which 7% will be for MATIC Rewards and auto-distributed among holders, 3% of auto-liquidity fee which will help raising the price floor of pQBERT, 1% destined to marketing and 1% that will be used for RCUBE buybacks and burns. pQBERT will be the first of its kind and based on tokenomics combined with the scarcity in the market because of the demand, we aim to have the perfect recipe for exponential growth.

At this moment the development team is fine-tuning the details of how the bridge will work, which will allow the transfer of the BSC QBERT token to Polygon, rewarding the loyalty of our community and allowing everyone to get their hands early on pQBERT. As a requirement of the project with whom we have made the partnership for the implementation of the bridge, we are in the process of conducting a thorough audit of the new pQBERT token by a 3rd party company so we can offer security to our community and other projects that we will make partnerships in the near future.

As a way to ensure greater convenience and fairness during the launch of pQBERT, we have determined that it will be a “ Fairlaunch”, the token will be listed directly to allow its purchase and sale. In the coming days we will have more clarity on the launch date, the bridge, the Swap and the subsequent start of the rewards in PolyRetro, we invite you to stay tuned for further announcements and get ready because QBERT V2 is around the corner!!!

Optimized Yield Farming | Gaming | NFT Farming

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Retro DEFI

Retro DEFI

Optimized Yield Farming | Gaming | NFT Farming

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