Balancing our Ecosystem !

New updates to RetroFarms…

Retro DEFI carries out a constant process based on the analysis and evaluation of the different aspects related to the project. As a result of such process, the team has agreed on the importance of applying measures to promote and guarantee a greater stability within the ecosystem. In this sense, it is important to highlight that the native tokens PQBERT and RQBERT are the backbone on which the RetroFarms is supported and have managed to consolidate as an innovative and sustainable investment option with real utility within Retro Defi.

Continuing with the above, it is appropriate to inform you that in order to guarantee the sustainability of the ecosystem and the balance of our native tokens, we will proceed to level and restructure the rewards of tokens on both chains, eliminating those pools and farms whose issuance could represent an unnecessary sales pressure; therefore, the following adjustments will be made: version on the Binance Smart Chain network:

*We will proceed with the culmination on rewards generation for following Yield Farming Vaults:


RetroFarms version on the Polygon Network:

*We will proceed with the culmination of rewards generation for the following Staking Pools and Farming Vaults:

  • DFYN Pool
  • CRYSTL Pool
  • Crystl/MATIC LP
  • Welt/MATIC LP
  • Avve/MATIC LP.

We do our best to offer our community an ecosystem in constant growth, with decentralized, secure and transparent financial instruments. We invite you to follow all our official social channels and be attentive to the upcoming news that we will be sharing.



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